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Maximizing Efficiency with an Onboarding and Infrastructure Revamp

Financial Service Provider (Confidential) + Edge Networks

Advanced Systems and Enhanced Security

“We enhanced access to critical systems and leveled up cybersecurity for remote employees by engineering new, faster systems for them to use.”
– Travis Steele, Tech Team Lead at edgefi
headerFinancial Services Company Case Study

Project Overview


Dramatic Increase in Efficiency and Cost Savings


Seamless Onboarding Built for Scalability


Enhanced Security for Remote Employees

The Challenge

The subject of this case study is a reputable financial service provider specializing in providing tailored solutions for individuals seeking cost-effective options to acquire high-value assets. This client struggled with inefficient employee onboarding/offboarding processes, leading to compliance and security concerns.

Additionally, their cloud server’s slow performance and frequent shutdowns hindered productivity. There was a lack of comprehensive monitoring and patching for server/network infrastructure, posing security risks. Real-time Office 365 monitoring was absent, potentially disrupting critical operations.

The Process

To tackle the initial challenges, we streamlined employee transitions by redesigning onboarding/offboarding procedures. We established a centralized access management system, ensuring compliance and security. Simultaneously, we migrated the server from the cloud to on-premises, alleviating performance issues.

Rigorous monitoring and patching protocols were implemented, strenghtening infrastructure security. Real-time Office 365 monitoring was also initiated to reduce disruptions. This migration played a crucial role in decommissioning the server, leading to a more efficient infrastructure.

The Results

Our collaboration led to a dramatic increase in efficiency with streamlined onboarding processes, resulting in minimized downtime and substantial cost savings. The clear, repeatable onboarding process we built enabled scalable growth for the company. We also strengthened security measures for remote employees. These improvements, along with the strategic server migration, resulted in a more robust and cost-effective infrastructure.

Stop stressing about cyber attacks and compliance standards. Start feeling safe and secure.