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Strengthening Cybersecurity Policies & Procedures to Minimize Potential Downtime

Local Public Institution (Confidential) + Edge Networks

Securing Critical Systems & Empowering Employees

“edgefi helped secure critical systems to protect sensitive employee data and empower employees with heightened security and phishing awareness.”
– Alexis Cozart, Cyber Analyst at edgefi
cybersecurity at a local public institution

Project Overview


Updated Systems with Modern Authentication Best Practices


Employees Empowered with Heightened Security & Phishing Awareness


Mitigated External Footprint for Malicious Threat Actors

The Challenge

A local public institution with a dedicated team of over 250 employees reached out to us requesting help in improving its cybersecurity posture and protecting against potential disruption. Recognizing the importance of cybersecurity, the client sought our expertise to minimize any potential downtime that could compromise its systems. That decision was further reinforced by a 2022 cybersecurity incident at a similar local public institution that fell victim to a ransomware attack. 

The Process

In this partnership, we followed a thorough process to strengthen cybersecurity. We began with a vulnerability scan, assessing the client’s compliance with patching and configuration. To ensure we covered all the bases, we ran a manual penetration test acting as malicious threat actors to identify weaknesses in the system. We also conducted phishing simulation challenges to enhance user security awareness against different phishing attacks.

The Results

Our work led us to identify a publicly exposed long-standing system that needed to be updated with modern authentication best practices. Our cybersecurity policies helped create a more secure environment, while the ongoing phishing awareness training we initiated equipped employees with the tools they need to identify and respond to potential incidents. We also provided personalized learning opportunities to keep the team up-to-date on the latest security trends.

Stop stressing about cyber attacks and compliance standards. Start feeling safe and secure.