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Seamless Data Migration, Improved Performance, Enhanced Security, and Cost Savings.

Riverside Risk Advisors + Edge Networks

Trusted Partner for Fast, Expert Support

“We followed edgefi’s lead – they are terrific, and our people are happy. They know our firm and systems well and response times are very fast, which is critical for us in the financial industry.”
– Joyce Frost

Project Overview


Successful Data Migration Without Loss, Disruptions, or Data Integrity Concerns


New Network Equipment with Improved Performance and Enhanced Security


Simplified Network Infrastructure Leading to Peace of Mind and Cost Savings

The Challenge

Riverside Risk Advisors is a financial risk advisory firm specializing in hedging interest rate, currency, equity, and commodity risk. Our initial encounter with Riverside occurred during its transition from one cloud storage provider to another.

However, challenges arose during the migration process, as active documents and files had duplicates in both cloud storage environments, with ongoing work being carried out simultaneously. Riverside required a seamless transfer of these critical documents and files to a single location without compromising data integrity or causing any loss. 

The Process

Our team executed a seamless data migration process, ensuring that all valuable data was safely transferred to the new cloud storage provider without any loss or compromise. We also identified a critical area for improvement within their infrastructure by reconfiguring and upgrading the network equipment at their office. 

The Results

We completed the migration to the preferred cloud storage provider, which instilled peace of mind within Riverside and enabled its team to work seamlessly on the new platform without any disruption or data integrity concerns.

Our decision to reconfigure and replace the existing network equipment led to immediate benefits of improved performance and enhanced security, as well as cost savings, simplifying network infrastructure, and establishing a more stable and reliable network environment. 

Stop stressing about cyber attacks and compliance standards. Start feeling safe and secure.