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Building a Secure Environment from the Ground Up While Serving the Local Community

Workforce Southwest Washington + Edge Networks

People-centered experts you can trust.

“We had a very holistic, person-centered partnership with edgefi. We see the value of what they do in the community and it was critical for us to have a partner in our local area in a space that is not in our expertise that we felt we could trust.”
– Benton Waterous
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Project Overview


Built a Secure Environment from the Ground Up


Several Thousand End Users Served with No Interruptions


Set Up Network Security, Servers, Laptops, and more

The Challenge

Workforce Southwest Washington opened up their new Next Success Center, a space where young adults receive holistic support and training for their futures. They needed an expert to determine the logistics for the Next Success Center’s network security, servers, laptops, and sensitive information. Security was critical for an agency like theirs to be building from the ground up. They posed the question: “How can we ensure that we have a technologically sound system that is easy to use and secures the privacy of the users?”

The Process

We set up network security, servers, laptops, and more to ensure a secure environment that holds sensitive information and continues to run smoothly.

The Results

The work we did helped drive Next Success to successfully serve several thousand youths with no massive cyber issues.

Our goal here wasn’t just to be a technical partner but also a community partner. Our team supported the Next Success mission and programs, including hosting an event for youths in the program to discuss essential skills for tech jobs and offering summer internships.

Stop stressing about cyber attacks and compliance standards. Start feeling safe and secure.