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Leadership & Strategy

We transform cybersecurity into a strategic asset, steering organizations through the complexities of digital threats with decisive leadership and forward-thinking strategies. Our approach integrates cybersecurity into the core of your business, ensuring it’s an enabler of growth and innovation.

Trusted by top companies

Trusted by top companies

Don't lose data.
Don't lose customers.
Don't lose reputation.

Leadership & Strategy can get complicated and overwhelming.
We’re here to simplify it.

How It Works

1. Engage

Partner with us and tap into top-tier security leadership, turning challenges into collaborative solutions.

2. Align

We establish a robust and trusted defense blueprint by aligning your strategies with the necessary framework.

3. Evolve

Cybersecurity isn't static. We ensure your strategies adapt and grow, always ready to meet new challenges head-on.

Stop stressing about cyber attacks and compliance standards. Start feeling safe and secure.

How We Do It


Our XDR services vigilantly oversee your environment, highlighting unusual activities and halting suspicious programs. With 24/7 monitoring of logged activities, you can focus on your tasks or enjoy downtime, confident in our cybersecurity team to alert you if any issues arise.


Our SIEM platform provides the capability to meticulously investigate and address incidents, offering the enhanced visibility crucial for precise answers and steering the incident response process. It can pinpoint the IP address from which an attacker dispatches phishing emails or initiates attacks, detect surges in login failure activities, and determine the success rate of attack attempts.

Vulnerability Management

Leverage our toolkit to streamline vulnerability identification, prioritization, and remediation planning. We work together to devise a strategy for addressing critical vulnerabilities while providing efficient solutions for those of lower priority

Incident Response

Safeguarding your data isn’t just about having the right tech—it’s about implementing the right processes. Diving deep into the nuances of data protection, we don’t just throw jargon at you; we partner with you. Together, we’ll craft procedures that fit your organization like a glove, ensuring data integrity every step of the way. Because the value of information isn’t just in its existence—it’s in its security.

Security Awareness Training

Our security awareness training empowers your users with multiple malware-prevention skills. These topics cover alternative attacker techniques such as QR codes, browser popups, hardware (USBs and phony charging stations), and the importance of cooperating with security patching and updates.

Phishing Simulation

Our phishing simulation platform allows us to provide customized simulated attacks based on your vertical, phishing exposure and history, and specific topics of concern. More importantly, we provide Learning Moments. These turn phishing simulations into an opportunity to empower and better prepare employees for the real deal.

How We Do It


Boost your executive team with a vCISO, bringing expert leadership to bridge talent gaps and steer your cybersecurity with experience and foresight.

Cybersecurity Roadmap

Chart your cybersecurity journey with a tailor-made Maturity Roadmap, aligning your growth with strategic milestones and clear, actionable steps.

Policies & Procedures Development

Solidify your operational framework with comprehensive Policies and Procedures, ensuring clarity, compliance, and cohesion in your cybersecurity endeavors.

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the Chaos.

Trusted Partnership

We have 15+ years of experience, a 5-star rating on Clutch, numerous service awards, and countless repeat customers.

Personalized Support

A one-of-a-kind plan for each of our clients. No cutting and pasting; constantly innovating.

Resource Depth​

Full-stack technology and full-stack support. We make sure everything is covered.

Contain the Chaos.