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How to Choose the Right VPN Service For Your Business

Your location, IP address, browsing history, and device type are some of the things you leave while browsing the world wide web. A VPN can help encrypt your internet connection, preventing anyone from eavesdropping on the data you share online or which website you visit every day. VPNs are an invaluable tool for everyone, especially business owners. You can securely access sensitive business information even when connected to public Wi-Fi—no need to worry about cyber criminals when connected to the VPN service.

In this article, we’ll talk about what a VPN is, how to use it, what the benefits are, and how to choose the right VPN service for you. Feel free to reach out to us anytime if you have questions or clarifications.


What is a VPN?

Virtual private networks or VPNs are a service that protects your privacy and internet connection. It protects your data by hiding your IP address, allowing you to access hotspots and public Wi-Fi safely. When browsing through a VPN service, no one can see which website you visited or what else you are doing online.

You need a VPN when you regularly use public Wi-Fi or when you view sensitive business information. When connected to the VPN service, you can browse in full privacy without worrying about cybercriminals. 

No one wants to be tracked or watched online. With a VPN, you get full security. There’s no need to worry about data breaches because your traffic is encrypted. 


How Does a VPN Service Work?

When you visit a website, the internet service provider receives this request and takes you to your website destination. With a VPN service, instead of being taken directly to the website, it redirects your traffic to the VPN server first and secures your connection before sending you to your destination. 

With a client-based VPN, you only need to log in and connect. Connecting to the service authenticates your computer or mobile device, and the server applies an encryption protocol to protect all data you send and receive.

The VPN service will create an encrypted tunnel to fully secure the data traveling in this “tunnel”. It secures your data by wrapping it in an outer container, which is encrypted through encapsulation. The outer container is removed through the decryption process when the data arrives. 


What are the Benefits of Using a VPN Service?

Secures Your Network

Without a VPN, a website or an application can track your online activity and target you with ads using the data they collect from your activities. You may notice several ads popping up when you don’t use a VPN. The most effective way to hide your online activities and secure your network is through a VPN. 

A VPN can stop a software or a website from accessing online information and using this to their advantage. It keeps the online information you send and receive anonymous and secure. 


Prevents Data and Bandwidth Throttling

Because using a VPN secures your network, internet service providers cannot track how much data you are using when browsing or downloading applications on the internet. This comes in handy if your data is limited each month. You don’t have to worry about slow internet services when you consume a specific amount of data.

With a VPN, you can avoid a data cap, helping you work faster and save money. This tool is especially useful to small business owners on the road that use smart devices to access business-related activities online.

When you’re using Wi-Fi, the internet service providers can’t track the data used by your device, preventing them from slowing down your connection when you reach the cap.


Hides Private Information

The last thing you want is to have your private information exposed online. Without protection, hackers can gain access to this sensitive information and use them to gain access to your bank accounts or credit card information. Some hackers may attempt to impersonate you. 

It’s possible to hide your private information online with a VPN. This encrypts all your online communication, making them unreadable to cyber criminals. 


Allows Access to Restricted Websites

Some websites don’t allow visitors from certain countries or let them use all of their services. It’s usually common to streaming devices that only serve specific locations. They can block your access with your IP address that indicates your location. With a VPN, you will have another IP address, allowing you to access any website. 

If some of your employees need full access to websites with restrictions, it’s entirely possible with VPN. 


Saves You Money on Long-Distance Phone Fees

If you make several phone calls overseas, having a VPN can help you save money. There is no need to connect to the remote access servers when you have the VPN. Simply connect it to your local ISP access point to save more money. 



Compared to the cost of expanding your cybersecurity department, using a VPN service is more cost-effective. If you’re a business owner, you can significantly reduce your cost by using a VPN. On average, they can cost you $50 – $100 per year. The exact amount depends on what is offered by the VPN service. 

To maximize the benefits of having a VPN, consider investing in a good VPN router. With the router installed, your employees can easily use the VPN service. If you’re looking for the cheapest option for expanding your IT department, we suggest buying a VPN service. 


Low Maintenance

One of the good things about having a VPN service is that it’s not difficult to set up, and no high maintenance costs are involved. All you need is a VPN subscription, and you can use the service immediately. 


Are There Disadvantages to Using a VPN Service?

Nothing is perfect, not even the VPN. While they are extremely beneficial to businesses, especially when privacy is concerned, it does have their cons. 

Reduced Internet Speed

The encryption process in securing your data may take time and could affect your online experience. It’s important to choose the right VPN service, to ensure that it doesn’t slow down your internet connection. 


It Can Be Complex

Depending on who is providing the VPN service, it can be difficult to understand, especially for those who haven’t used the service in the past. Look for a VPN service that offers easy to use tool for connecting to the network. 


How to Choose the Right VPN Service


When choosing a VPN service, look for one that offers the most private VPN. One feature you need to look out for is the encryption protocol. Remember, every protocol defines how the app and server connect with the devices when encrypting data. Choose a service that offers the best privacy.



If you use a computer, a tablet, and your mobile phone with the VPN, make sure that the service supports all of your devices. Also, make sure that it offers a good connection as that can affect your online experience. Before choosing a VPN, check all of its features first before purchasing. Make sure that it’s suitable to what your business needs. 

When you’re a small business owner without experience choosing a VPN service, we suggest hiring a professional to help you make an informed decision. One thing to keep in mind: always prioritize your privacy first.


Customer Support

Not all business owners have an IT department that can help resolve technical issues. So it would help to have a VPN service provider that offers 24/7 support. Check their websites for FAQs or live chat sections, as these indicate how dedicated they are to providing exceptional service to their clients. 


Ease of Use

The last thing you want in a VPN service is complex configurations. You can avoid this by choosing a provider that offers an easy-to-use tool for encrypting your sensitive business data. Look for a user-friendly VPN service, especially when you are not tech-savvy. 


Accessibility and Speed

A slow connection is frustrating. While a VPN usually slows down your connection, some providers have a resolution to help you enjoy faster and more reliable internet connectivity. 

In addition to speed, make sure that you can access your VPN service from anywhere. Check which country the VPN is based and how the regulation might impact privacy.


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