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Using NIST CSF as a Strategic Roadmap to Enhance Cybersecurity Measures and Strengthen GRC Posture

Impact Investment Specialist Consultant (Confidential) + Edge Networks

“edgefi introduced the client to the process of cybersecurity compliance and helped them document their starting posture, providing a clear picture of strengths and gaps.”
– Alexis Cozart, Cyber Team Lead at edgefi

Project Overview


Strengthened posture with tailored cybersecurity measures and specific policies.


Developed solid Governance, Risk, and Compliance foundations.


Improved threat management, enabling continuous cybersecurity and GRC program refinement.

The Challenge

An impact investment specialist consultant came to us feeling overwhelmed with cybersecurity. Despite having some measures in place, they were uncertain about the necessary steps to strengthen the security posture and develop the foundations of their Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC).

It was evident that a few critical cybersecurity measures were missing, including specific published policies and procedures requested by their own clients.

The Process

We employed a comprehensive strategy using the NIST CSF assessment to identify and enhance our customer’s GRC posture. Our approach included crafting key policies like Incident Response and Business Continuity Plans tailored to their needs.

We centralized our findings and systematically tracked progress, ensuring a detailed review of the NIST CSF’s 108 controls to pinpoint areas for improvement. This method not only addressed their GRC requirements efficiently but also equipped them with the necessary tools and knowledge to proactively manage cybersecurity threats and continually refine their cybersecurity and GRC programs.

The Results

By using the NIST CSF assessment as a roadmap, we successfully implemented crucial cybersecurity improvements and policies, strengthening their GRC posture. The development of key GRC policies equipped them with the tools needed to address potential cybersecurity threats proactively. Our review of the NIST CSF’s 108 controls allowed us to determine cybersecurity maturity and identify which areas required further education. The resources we provided allowed them to continue improving their cybersecurity and GRC program 

Stop stressing about cyber attacks and compliance standards. Start feeling safe and secure.