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NIST CSF Assessment

Our NIST CSF Assessment Program is a powerful solution for addressing your GRC pains, particularly in terms of eliminating inefficient processes, ineffective outcomes, and over-reliance on spreadsheets. Our structured NIST CSF assessment program can streamline your GRC activities, enhance risk management practices, and improve your overall cybersecurity posture.

Don't lose data.
Don't lose customers.
Don't lose reputation.

Cyber threats and compliance regulations are never-ending hoops to jump through.We're here to simplify it all.

Cyber threats and compliance regulations are never-ending hoops to jump through.We're here to simplify it all.

How It Works

1. Engage

Partner with us and tap into top-tier security leadership, turning challenges into collaborative solutions.

2. Align

We establish a robust and trusted defense blueprint by aligning your strategies with the necessary framework.

3. Evolve

Cybersecurity isn't static. We ensure your strategies adapt and grow, always ready to meet new challenges head-on.

Stop stressing about cyber attacks and compliance standards. Start feeling safe and secure.

How We Do It

Framework Adoption & Customization

We leverage the NIST Cybersecurity Framework’s core functions—Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover—as our assessment foundation, ensuring a comprehensive cybersecurity approach. We align it with your unique business needs, risk appetite, and regulatory demands by choosing relevant categories and subcategories, ensuring a perfect fit for your organization’s operations.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our NIST assessment process emphasizes engaging stakeholders throughout your organization, including IT, cybersecurity, business units, and executive leadership. By establishing ongoing communication and collaboration among stakeholders, we foster a culture of cybersecurity awareness and shared responsibility, aligning efforts across all levels of your company.

Current State Assessment

We thoroughly assess your cybersecurity practices against NIST CSF to identify the current maturity level and detect gaps in cybersecurity practices. Additionally, we perform a risk assessment to understand the likelihood and impact of cybersecurity risks, informing the prioritization of remediation efforts.

Target State Definition

Together, we’ll pinpoint the cybersecurity maturity level and outcomes you’re striving for, all while keeping your business goals and risk strategy in mind. 

Implementation & Improvement

We seamlessly integrate NIST CSF assessments and fixes into your GRC and IT practices, enhancing efficiency. Our continuous improvement cycle keeps cybersecurity aligned with shifting threats and business dynamics, ensuring your defenses stay robust and responsive.

Automation & Tools

Our GRC platforms automate the tedious parts of the NIST CSF Assessment, minimizing manual effort and errors. With real-time dashboards and reports, you get instant visibility into your cybersecurity status and compliance, making it easier to make informed decisions and demonstrate accountability to stakeholders.

Cybersecurity Compliance

We can map NIST CSF controls to other regulatory and industry-specific cybersecurity requirements, making it easier to tackle compliance and cybersecurity together. With our assessment, you’ll find a straightforward, effective way to manage cyber risks and strengthen your defenses, cutting through the complexity of GRC tasks with clarity and confidence.

NIST Guidelines

Navigating the NIST Cybersecurity Framework can be complex. Our expertise in NIST guidelines simplifies this process, providing you with tailored strategies to align your cybersecurity practices with NIST standards. This alignment not only enhances your security posture but also ensures regulatory compliance and industry best practices.

Risk Management

Our approach to information assurance aligns with CMMC guidelines, focusing on protecting the integrity and availability of your data. This not only secures your information assets but also strengthens your business’s resilience against cyber threats.

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