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NIST CSF Alignment

Maintaining cyber safety and compliance every step of the way.

Don't lose data.
Don't lose customers.
Don't lose reputation .

It can be hard to figure out where to start; fortunately, that's what the NIST Cybersecurity Framework is for.

  NIST CSF sets every business up for cybersecurity success.  

How it works:

1. Investigate

Delve into NIST CSF, tailored to fit your organization. It's about genuine insight, not just compliance.​

2. Implement

Turn insights into actions. Seamlessly integrate NIST's best practices into your operations for a robust defense.​

3. Innovate

With NIST CSF as our backbone, we continually refine and adapt, ensuring you're always a step ahead of threats.​

Stop stressing about cyber attacks and compliance standards. Start feeling safe and secure.


The Identify Function aids in understanding and managing cybersecurity risks across systems, assets, and data by categorizing outcomes like asset management, business environment analysis, governance, risk assessment, and supply chain risk management.


The Protect Function prescribes safeguards for maintaining critical infrastructure services, including identity management, staff training, data security, information protection processes, resource maintenance, and protective technology.


The Detect Function establishes procedures for identifying cybersecurity events, enabling prompt detection through anomaly and event monitoring, continuous security monitoring, and maintaining detection processes.  


The Respond Function involves taking appropriate actions to detect cybersecurity incidents, including executing response plans, managing communications, conducting analysis, performing mitigation activities, and implementing improvements based on lessons learned from previous incidents.


The Recover Function defines activities for maintaining resilience plans and restoring capabilities or services affected by cybersecurity incidents, including recovery planning, implementing improvements, and coordinating communications during and after recovery.


The newest addition to the framework is the govern function. This new facet addresses the organization’s methods to formulate and implement decisions important to improving cybersecurity strategy. It underscores the significant role cybersecurity plays as a source of potential risks within an enterprise, aligning with other crucial concerns, such as legal and financial hazards.

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